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Getting the Second Last Thing You Copied

You copy something in Visual Studio and, before you can paste it you realize that you need to copy something else. Or, worse, you copy something, forget what you're doing, copy something else, go to paste ... and realize that you've lost that first thing you wanted.

Good news! The Visual Studio clipboard actually remembers the last 20 things you cut or copied. To access that history, instead of pressing Ctrl_V to paste your item, just press Shift+Ctl+V. The first time you press that combination you'll paste the last thing you cut or copied; the second time you press it, you'll paste the second last thing you copied right over top of the first item; the third time you press it ... you get the picture.

This feature even works if you press Ctl+V the first time. So, if you paste something you don't want, just switch to Shift+Ctl+V. The first press will get you what you just pasted but your second press will start working you back through your "copy history."

So, go ahead and copy that other thing -- you'll be able to get back to the item currently sitting in the clipboard when you need it.

Posted by Peter Vogel on 12/11/2014

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