April 2005 - Validate XML Data Easily

New tools in .NET 2.0 provide better, more standards-compliant XML data validation. Plus printing simple reports with GDI+, tips for using the WinForms databinding mechanism, using SQL Server for more efficient data mining, integrating large-scale apps and more.


Simplify XML Data Validation

The second-generation .NET Framework builds on the tools of the first to provide better, more standards-compliant XML data validation.

.NET 2 the Max

Databind Objects and Collections

Take advantage of the fact that the Windows Forms databinding mechanism can use any .NET object that implements the IList interface as the data source.

Developer Product Briefs

Test and Debug Error-Handling Code

Check out these latest VS.NET add-ins, including a product that helps you test and debug error-handling code in both native and .NET managed code.

Editor's Note

Don't Overlook Whidbey

Visual Studio 2005 (code-named Whidbey) is almost here.

Getting Started

Print Simple Reports With GDI+

Sometimes all you want to do is print the simple report you're already showing. Learn how to use GDI+ and the .NET Framework to print reports.

Letters from Readers

Is the VB Name Too Basic?

Does the term Basic give Visual Basic an uncalled-for negative connotation, or does it provide continuity with the language's past?

First Looks

Form Maximizer for .NET: Enhance WinForm Functions

Form Maximizer for .NET helps you add professional touches to your forms right now by configuring a few properties rather than by delving into .NET intricacies.

.NET Insight

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