August 2005 - Secure Your Data

Using SQL Server 2005's engine-based, data-encryption functions. Plus how to take advantage of the Windows Management Interface to gauge your application’s performance requirements correctly, simplify coding with Visual Studio 2005 visualizers (and create custom ones), the incredible shrinking programmer and much more.

Desktop Developer

Build Serviced Components the Right Way

Take advantage of these practical guidelines for implementing serviced components properly and reduce coding and maintenance headaches now?and in the future.

Developer Product Briefs

Isolate and Eliminate Performance Issues

Check out the latest upgrades to your favorite VS.NET add-ins, including a product that helps you isolate and eliminate performance issues and memory leaks.

Editor's Note

Is C# the Only Language that Matters?

Is C# winning vs. VB.NET?

Getting Started

Simplify Coding With Visualizers

Take advantage of visualizers in Visual Studio 2005 to make yourself more productive; also learn how to create your own custom visualizers.

Guest Opinion

The Incredible Shrinking Programmer

Even recently, programming was considered a hot profession with almost limitless opportunities for making it big. How quickly things change. Today, programmers typically need to beef up their skill sets just to remain viable in the workplace.

Letters from Readers

Deploying Critical Solutions With .NET

Readers who have made the leap to .NET aren't looking back. They say they're developing and deploying reliable, mission-critical apps that pay for themselves quickly.

Practical ASP.NET

Determine Performance Requirements

Take advantage of the Windows Management Interface to correctly gauge your application's performance requirements.

First Looks

CodeRush: Code More Efficiently

Developer Express' CodeRush for Visual Studio aids developer productivity.

.NET Insight

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