August 2008 - Generate Web Sites Automatically

Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1's new ASP.NET Dynamic Data templates automatically generate code for DataGrid, ListView, DetailsView, and FormView display and editing controls on dynamic pages derived from a master page and CSS stylesheet.

Ask Kathleen

Customize Your Application Startup

Customize your application startup screen and add log-in functionality; learn how to view derived types in your projects; check for improper GUIDs; and drill down on extension methods.

C# Corner

Choose Between Methods and Properties

Language features aren't good or bad. The choice of language feature depends on what you're doing. In this issue, we dive into the methods vs. properties debate.

Developer Product Briefs

Training on Demand

AppDev's KSource Online Learning provides on-demand training for developers.

Editor's Note

Applying Robotics to Everyday Scenarios

Microsoft's Robotics Development SDK could affect you in various ways you may not suspect.

Guest Opinion

A Vote for Transparency

Roger weighs in on the reasons behind the controversy surrounding Entity Framework.

Letters from Readers

A Dianne by Any Other Name

This month readers weigh in on Mort and switching to C#.

.NET Insight

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