February 2009 - Retire Your Data Center

Use Azure Services to Maximize Availability, Reliability, and Scalability.

C# Corner

Use Lambda Expressions for Abstract Delegates

Lambda expressions are nothing more than convenient syntax for delegates. So why can't you use them where the Framework expects a delegate? And more importantly, what can you do about it?

Code Focused

Use Iterators in VB Now

Iterators are a crucial part of modern programming, not least because they provide the basis for collection traversal using For Each loops. Language Integrated Query (LINQ) adds to the importance of iterators, as iterators are the source of IEnumerable(Of T) that forms the backbone of LINQ. Learn how to take advantage of them in your code with several different techniques for creating your own iterators in VB.

Developer Product Briefs

DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET, List & Label 14, and MobileForms Toolkit 2009

The latest products for .NET developers.

Develop Help Content Like a Professional

MadCap Flare 4.1 offers must-have features for technical writers.

Editor's Note

Calculating The Cost Of Change

Guest Opinion

Where Did All The Developers Go?

If programmers are leaving VB and aren't going to C#, where are they going?

Letters from Readers

Running the Development Treadmill

Readers sound off on the latest issues facing developers.

.NET Insight

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