Silverlight Ascendant

Why the next version of the Microsoft RIA platform sets the stage for line-of-business development.


Silverlight Ascendant

Why Silverlight 4 should change the way you make decisions about application development.

Using Agile Techniques to Pay Back Technical Debt

Flawed code is a lot like financial debt. It drags you down and consumes resources that would otherwise go to profit-making ventures. Here's how to avoid getting caught in the technical debt trap.

VS2010 Release Candidate Expected this Month

Will the Dev10 improvements be worth it if the result is slower performance?

Ask Kathleen

Digging Deeper into Silverlight and MEF

Silverlight applications based on the Managed Extensibility Framework and generalized user interfaces don't require hand coding every screen.


Weekend Drive

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, an internal support application at Joe R.'s company suffered a slowdown in executing queries and returning data.

Practical ASP.NET

The QueryExtender

Extend runtime sorting and filtering of data with ASP.NET 4's QueryExtender, which provides a single interface for DataSources.

Redmond Review

Life After 7: Windows New

What can Microsoft do to preserve the relevance of Windows -- and the crucial revenue stream that derives from it?

Product Reviews

dynaTrace Offers End-to-End Multi-Tier Tracing

dynaTrace provides continuous monitoring of your application -- from the client to the database -- without requiring you to insert any instrumentation code.

.NET Insight

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