The Making of Visual Studio 2010

A look behind the development of Microsoft's game-changing IDE.


Cloud Development in Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 provides familiar tooling and resources for developers who want to put their applications up in the cloud. Here's how to do it.

The Evolution of Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2010

C++ developers will see major improvements -- beyond support for Windows 7 APIs -- in Visual C++ 2010.

The Making of Visual Studio 2010

With the ambitious nature of the Visual Studio 2010 upgrade, it's hardly surprising Microsoft faced challenges on its way to RTM. We take a look behind the development of Microsoft's game-changing IDE.

Ask Kathleen

How-To Q&A: How Can I Automate Code Without Resorting to Heavy Code-Generation Techniques?

Kathleen Dollard shows how to improve development using T4 code generation and in-line DSL as a localized development tool.


Big Changes

By almost any metric, Visual Studio 2010 is a big release.

Letters from Readers


In the March C# Corner column, Patrick Steele explained how to use LINQ outside of databases to make code easier to read and maintain.

Redmond Review

Open Data, Open Microsoft

I've always been a data guy. I think data maintenance, sharing and analysis is the inspiration for almost all line-of-business software, and technology that makes any or all of it easier is key to platform success.


VS Insider: Get Ready for Visual Studio 2010

Dave Mendlen writes that the Visual Studio team at Microsoft is working overtime to give developers the information they need to assess and use Visual Studio 2010.


Plugged in to Visual Studio 2010

What does the new .NET extensibility model mean for your existing add-ins?

Product Reviews

Managing Projects with Axosoft OnTime

OnTime is a tremendously capable project management system that's good-but not perfect-when supporting Visual Studio developers.

.NET Insight

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