C# and VB

  • All of Visual Studio 2017 Visually In One Suite Release

    Nifty, printable info graphic shows everything new and updated in the latest developer suite. 03/15/2017

  • Google App Engine Adds .NET Support

    .NET developers now have another option for the streamlined creation of cloud apps, now that Google App Engine has announced support for the Microsoft developer stack. 03/14/2017

  • Efficiently Loading Related Objects in Entity Framework

    If you're not using the Entity Framework DbCollectionEntry object when working with an entity class's related objects, then your application is running too slow. Using DbCollectionEntry lets you asynchronously retrieve related objects and get only the objects you want. 03/13/2017

  • Visual Studio Team Services Sprint 114 Delivers

    Visual Studio Team Services team are in the midst of rolling out yet another sprint, this one with additional Delivery plans features, a more optimized mobile work item experience, and some other Team features. 03/09/2017

  • Yes, Finally, Visual Studio 2017 Now Available

    No secrets here, as features and updates of the suite have been portioned out in public testing in the months and weeks leading up to the launch. So much of what's new in this morning's announcements has to do with the current state of several VS iterations, including the Mac and Mobile Center previews, as well as some new benefits. 03/07/2017

  • Tools, Services Supporting Visual Studio 2017

    With Visual Studio 2017 making its debut next week, a number of software and services that comprise its tooling ecosystem have already embedded support for the development platform. 03/02/2017

  • Mimic Lazy Loading with Entity Framework 6 and Entity Framework Core 1.1

    Entity Framework Core doesn't have lazy loading (at least, not yet). But you can fake it by using explicit loading, though it doesn't work quite the way you might want. In fact, it's probably a good idea to use this in Entity Framework 6. 03/02/2017

  • Managing Modules in TypeScript 2.1

    If you want to ensure that the right code is loaded at the right time (and only loaded when you need it), you can use TypeScript code to organize your code into modules. As a side benefit, managing your script tags will get considerably easier. 02/28/2017

  • In-Depth

    Visual Studio Code and the Third Wave of Source Code Editing

    Imagine platform-neutral, language-agnostic tools for writing code. Awesome, yes, but using tools like Visual Studio Code to compose your programmatic masterpiece will require a bit of rethinking. 02/28/2017

  • In-Depth

    Solving UWP App-to-App Communication in IoT Apps

    Writing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that rely on inter-process communication is actually easy. Debugging and making them fault-tolerant is the tricky part, but it can be done with the AppServiceConnection for UWP and IoT Apps. 02/27/2017

  • Selecting Groups in LINQ

    Some questions can only be answered by organizing your data into groups and then finding groups that contain particular members or have particular properties. 02/24/2017

  • Grouping Results in LINQ

    Complex queries can be solved with a combination of simpler LINQ queries, anonymous objects and the Group/By/Into clauses. Using Group/By/Into will also give you the best possible performance for those complex queries. 02/20/2017

  • Returning Raw JSON Data in Web API with Marten

    Here's a trick to have Marten automatically deserialize JSON data only when you want it to. 02/16/2017

  • Visual Studio Code January Build Gets Interactive

    Version 1.9 of the online code editor sports a new look and some new tools to get developers up to speed quickly, including an Interactive Playground to test-drive some of the news features. 02/15/2017

  • Getting All the Results When Joining with LINQ

    When you want to find all the objects that are missing a corresponding object, then you need the LINQ equivalent of an outer join. Here, step by painful step, is how to build that query. 02/13/2017

  • In-Depth

    Q&A: What's New in Visual Studio 2017

    Visual Studio 2017 is coming March 7. Microsoft Dev Evangelist Robert Green talks about the top new features, best improvements for mobile/Xamarin developers and more in this Q&A preview of his Visual Studio Live! session on the same topic. 02/10/2017

  • Visual Studio 2017 To Be Released March 7

    With a pack of updates that amount to minor fixes following the release of Visual Studio 2017 RC3 a week ago, the Visual Studio team is now set to launch a feature-complete version within a month's time. 02/09/2017

  • Window 10 Creators Update Gets Its Day with Developers

    Microsoft offers a laundry list of developer-oriented features to get devs up to speed with the newest, feature-complete Windows 10 Creators Update slated for early 2017 release. 02/08/2017

  • Getting Device-Specific When Customizing a Xamarin Forms App

    Your Xamarin Forms App needs one more little tweak, and that's to make it device-specific, so users don't freak out. Unlike the Apple tweak, the Android tweak takes a bit of work. 02/08/2017

  • Working with Enumerated Values in Entity Framework

    If you decide on using an Enum with enumerated values in your Entity Framework class, here are the tools you'll need to make it work. But an enumerated value shouldn't be your first choice. 02/06/2017

  • Shortcuts for Defining Anonymous Objects in C# and VB

    Here are two ways to save some typing when defining anonymous objects. One only works in Visual Basic, though. 02/03/2017

  • Visual Studio Tools for Tizen on Preview 2

    Tizen is an open source app platform targeting mainly Samsung devices, from televisions, to phones, to wearables. Yep, there's a Visual Studio Tool for that, and it's on its second preview. 02/03/2017

  • Code Focused

    Pattern Matching in C# 7.0 Case Blocks

    Welcome to the 21st century, C#, now that case blocks support a variety of pattern-matching formats. 02/02/2017

  • Data Clustering Using R

    Find the patterns in your data sets using these Clustering.R script tricks. 02/01/2017

  • More Cool Stuff in TypeScript 2.0 and 2.1

    A roundup of a few more features: deprecated any type, literal datatypes, read-only properties, more! 01/30/2017

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