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Myths and Realities in Telemetry Data Handling

Data volumes are growing exponentially, driving up observability platform costs and slowing response times. Most organizations underestimate the impact of excessive and poorly understood telemetry data. But help is on the way! Telemetry Pipelines can enhance the value and reduce the cost of handling this data. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

How .NET MAUI Changes the Cross-Platform Game Summit

Join our panel of experts in this free, two-hour virtual summit as they delve deep into these questions and offer their firsthand experiences, strategies and recommendations for mastering .NET MAUI. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting with cross-platform development -- working for the enterprise or yourself -- you won't want to miss these insights. Dive into the future of app development with .NET MAUI by registering now!

Duration: 2 hours

From Good to Great: Building Exceptional Mobile Apps with Modern Best Practices

Learn how to drive in-app engagement, retention, and conversions using modern UX techniques, in-app messaging, and more.

AI Automation for Industrial IoT with Windows 10 Enterprise IoT

The public's fascination with this particular generative AI application notwithstanding, the most significant impact of this category of technologies is likely to occur behind the scenes in both industrial and edge applications. Learn more.

Enhancing Mobile App Security: Strategies for Conquering Business Obstacles

In this webinar, an impressive trio of mobile app experts will share strategies to help organizations follow a mobile first mindset, which includes app shielding that keeps apps protected from unknown attacks, thus making efficient use of developers’ time.