Arrested Development: VB6 Now and Forever

When Brett was hired on as a senior analyst, he wasn't surprised to learn that the older platforms were built around Visual Basic 6 (VB6), which was no longer supported by Microsoft.

2 Great JavaScript Data-Binding Libraries

JavaScript libraries help you build powerful, data-driven HTML5 apps.

Reader Feedback: Developer Salary Survey

Our first-ever salary survey indicated that .NET developers on average were still getting salary increases despite a tough economy.

Big Data and SQL Server: Disruption or Harmony?

By responding to potential threats with thoughtfulness, and a zeal to add value, SQL and Big Data could be big business for Redmond.

Building a Windows 8 Metro App, Part 2

Learn how to implement the new sharing contracts in Windows 8 to distinguish your application.

Integrating with the .NET Framework UI Controls

With a little bit of code (along with a .NET interface and collection), you can integrate the properties on your classes with the .NET user interface controls to simplify your presentation layer.

3 Impacts from 2011, and What they Mean Moving Forward -- Part 1

Papa's Perspective on Kinect, Silverlight and Microsoft's changing relationship with developers.

Team Foundation Server 11 Developer Preview: Team Explorer My Work Page

Team Explorer in TFS 11 has added a "My Work" page to review active work items, track changes and work with the Code Review process.

UriMapper in Windows Phone

Nick Randolph looks at how you can use a UriMapper to help structure your Windows Phone application.

Extending XAML Applications with Custom Commands

In WPF and Silverlight,you can separate your UI logic into a set of Command classes that facilitate loose coupling, testable designs, and reusability.

Easy Web Development with jsFiddle

jsFiddle is a free code-sharing tool that allows you to edit, share, execute and debug Web code within a browser.

Road Rules for Agile Teams

Aaron Bjork talks about the importance of simplicity and clear rules in your software process.

Understanding Iterators, Part 2

Iterators are available for Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2010. In Part 2 of a series, Joe Kunk discusses Visual Basic iterator syntax, demonstrates how iterators are coded, and compares Visual Basic iterators to C# iterators.

Building a Windows 8 RSS Reader

Eric Vogel walks through a soup-to-nuts demo for building a Metro-style RSS reader.

Lean Startup: Look Before You Leap

If you're thinking about creating a startup, do your homework and learn about lean startup. Don't spend six months coding a product; prove that people want to buy it first.

Reader Feedback: HTML5, Windows 8 and Silverlight

Readers discuss the December Papa's Perspective column and Andrew Brust's take on the ways Windows 8 will affect Silverlight.

Test-Driven Development, Generate from Usage and Continuous Testing

Use Test-Driven Development, generate from usage and a free Visual Studio add-in to let you spend more time doing what programmers want to do: writing code that works.

Visual Basic Improvements in Visual Studio 11

Visual Basic development in Visual Studio 11 offers asynchronous methods, iterators, call hierarchy, the Global keyword and Windows 8 Metro-based applications.

Dev Disasters: Too Many Cooks

Dueling developers create an unappetizing code stew.

The Shifting Sands of the Microsoft Ecosystem

As the market becomes more diffuse, its practitioners and participants must cope and adapt.

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