Serverless ASP.NET Core Service on AWS Cloud Updated

Amazon Web Services has updated its serverless functionality for ASP.NET Core projects, the popular new direction for Microsoft Web programming.

ASP.NET Core is the Web offering for the "core" initiatives that take the traditional, aging Windows-based .NET Framework to the new-age world of openness, cross-platform functionality and modularity.

Microsoft recently shipped the second previews of ASP.NET Core 3 and .NET Core 3, with the former continuing work on the Razor Components project that bakes server-side Blazor components into the framework that enables Web projects using C# instead of only JavaScript.

Now the Amazon cloud has beefed up the ASP.NET Core functionality of another server-side offering, its AWS Lambda service that lets developers provide code functions that are fired off -- typically in response to events -- without the need to provision and manage server resources.

Specifically, AWS recently highlighted an update to its NuGet package that lets cloud developers run an ASP.NET Core application as a serverless function.

"Today we have released version 3.0 of the Amazon.Lambda.AspNetCoreServer package," AWS said in a Feb. 7 blog post. "This version adds support for Application Load Balancers and takes advantage of the new multivalue support that API Gateway provides.

"Now with version 3.0 of Amazon.Lambda.AspNetCoreServer you can use either API Gateway or an Application Load Balancer to expose your serverless ASP.NET Core applications."

The post also details other new functionality, such as:

  • Elastic Load Balancing recently added support for routing requests from an Application Load Balancer to AWS Lambda functions.
  • Amazon API Gateway updated the requests and responses sent to Lambda functions to include multivalue support for headers and query string parameters.
  • The event objects for API Gateway that the Amazon.Lambda.APIGatewayEvents NuGet package provides have been updated, and AWS released a new Amazon.Lambda.ApplicationLoadBalancerEvents package for requests coming from an Application Load Balancer.

The source code for Amazon.Lambda.AspNetCoreServer is available on GitHub, along with AWS Lambda for .NET Core.

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