Low-Code Windows Template Studio Update Supports Visual Studio 2019

Microsoft shipped Windows Template Studio 3.1, updating the low-code tool for creating Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications with support for the brand-new Visual Studio 2019 release and more.

The open source offering comes as a wizard-driven extension designed to help developers write well-formed, readable code while leveraging modern Windows 10 features and following proven patterns and best practices.

As of this writing, the extension has been installed more than 191,000 times.

The change log for the project shows 39 closed issues for the 3.1 milestone

Heading up the list of new features is full support for Visual Studio 2019, the latest update to Microsoft's flagship IDE that was just released earlier this month.

Other highlights as listed in a blog post include:

  • New MenuBar project type
  • Added UI, Unit tests and WinAppDriver testing features
  • Added link to report issue from WinTS Wizard
  • Bug fixes
  • Platform updates for various components including App Center analytics, UWP services, testing functionality and more.

Coming up in future builds, Microsoft said, are things like:

  • Identity Login (ETA is v3.1.5 in a few weeks). "We wanted to include this in 3.1 but it isn't quite ready. We want to cross our T's and dot our I's."
  • Azure features starting to be added
  • Database support

Feature requests can be made here.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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