New for Visual Studio for Mac: ASP.NET Core Tutorials, Better Unity Development

With Visual Studio for Mac 8.3 recently released, Microsoft has announced new learning resources for building ASP.NET Core apps and an improved development experience for game-making Unity coders.

That Unity experience is improved by a new editor in the IDE, which because of poor performance and resounding negative developer feedback was replaced with code based on Visual Studio for Windows internals.

"Visual Studio Tools for Unity continues that theme by sharing the debugger experience for Unity projects between the two IDEs," Microsoft said in a recent post. "This means if you’re working on a Mac, you’ll get an improved experience from the enhancements we made on Windows over previous years."

VS for Mac now provides better Unity debugging and both IDEs now feature Unity-specific diagnostics, among other improvements.

Microsoft also announced new learning resources for building ASP.NET Core apps using VS for Mac, touting the IDE's support for the latest C# 8 IntelliSense and code refactoring capabilities in C#, HTML, JS, CSS and Razor files, NuGet package management, source control, debugging and publishing features.

Those resources include:

  • Getting started with ASP.NET Core in Visual Studio for Mac: "This tutorial will first walk you through installing Visual Studio for Mac with a one-click setting that will include all tools required for .NET Core and ASP.NET Core development before showing you how to create your first “Hello world!” ASP.NET Core website."
  • ASP.NET Core Beginners Workshop: "In this step-by-step ASP.NET Core Beginners workshop, you will learn the basics of building a simple ASP.NET Core web app that uses Razor pages. This tutorial consists of the following four modules and includes creating the project, adding an Entity Framework model, working with a database and much more."
  • eShopOnWeb tutorial: " eShopOnWeb is a sample application demonstrating a layered application architecture with a monolithic deployment model." The sample app experience is bolstered with a 130-page ebook (note: clicking on link may initiate PDF download).

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