Even SQL Server Developer Tools Gets an AI Copilot

Microsoft, apparently trying to enhance every product it has with an AI-powered Copilot, announced a new one for the latest release of SQL Server Developer Tools (SSDT) in Visual Studio.

SSDT is a database tool within the Visual Studio IDE that helps users develop, build, test and publish databases from a source-controlled project. The latest release of the tool is SQL Server Developer Tools for Visual Studio 17.6, which shipped last month with four major focus areas:

  • Support for Ledger tables
  • Stability improvements with Visual Studio 2022
  • Performance improvements
  • Github Copilot

Speaking of the latter, Microsoft yesterday said, "SSDT in Visual Studio also supports Github copilot and you can get assistance while writing your SQL codes in our editor. Support for In-line prompt is also available. As the copilot evolves, we wish to see how it revolutionizes the way database development works."

[Click on image for larger, animated GIF view.] Github Copilot for SQL in SSDT in Animated Action (source: Microsoft).

Another focus area, support for ledger tables, came to SQL Server 2022 in March, providing blockchain-based security to ensure data isn't tampered with.

The three primary use cases for ledger, according to Microsoft documenation, are:

  • Streamlining audits: Ledger provides the cryptographic proof of data integrity to auditors. This proof can help streamline the auditing process.
  • Multiple-party business processes: Blockchain is a great solution for multiple-party networks where trust is low between parties that participate on the network.
  • Trusted off-chain storage for blockchain: Ledger provides data integrity for off-chain storage of blockchain networks, which helps ensure complete data trust through the entire system.

"Ledger tables can be used to streamline audits since they provide cryptographic proof of data integrity to auditors," Microsoft said in yesterday's announcement. "It also provides nonrepudiation regarding the integrity of the system's data. Ledger tables can also find its applications in Multiple-party business processes. We are adding Ledger functionality in SSDT like in Azure Data Studio and SSMS."

[Click on image for larger view.] Ledger Table Architecture (source: Microsoft).

Yesterday's post detailed several use cases:

  • Viewing Ledger Tables & Views in SQL Server Object Explorer (Object Explorer)
  • Creating Ledger Tables, Views from Object Explorer
  • Creating a sqlproj with Ledger Tables
  • Build and publish the ledger tables to a SQL Database

Microsoft also discussed stability and performance improvements.

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