Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management

Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management provides a centralized way to create, manage and share environments in your domain-joined Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 development shop.

Team Foundation Version Control - Workspaces

Mickey explains the basics of workspaces in Team Foundation Version Control and how they can help you manage code changes.

Insider: Secrets of Debugging

Faced with reviewing large swaths of other people's code, Peter Vogel is left to ask: what does it really take to be good at debugging?

Levels of TFS Build Automation

Your team won't achieve automated build nirvana overnight. Here's how to break down the process and adopt the changes in the Microsoft build system.

Test Cases and Test Suites with Microsoft Test Manager 2010

Mickey Gousset discusses test cases and test suites, and how they relate to test plans in Microsoft Test Manager 2010.

Creating a Test Case with Microsoft Test Manager 2010

Inside TFS columnist Mickey Gousset delves into how to create a test case using Microsoft Test Manager 2010.

Reverse the V Model and Test First

Test-first development is an approach to software development that focuses on results: Tell me the expected outcome, not the requirements.

Test Plans with Microsoft Test Manager 2010

Visual Studio 2010 brings testers and developers closer together and provides testers the tools they need to be able to do their job more effectively. We look at Test Plans in Microsoft Test Manager 2010 and discuss how they are used within the testing framework.

Radio Silence: Details Scarce on Visual Studio and Windows Updates

As Microsoft at Tech-Ed details ALM features of Visual Studio vNext, information about the core IDE remains hard to come by.

Microsoft Previews Visual Studio vNext at Tech-Ed Keynote

Jason Zander shows off new features that bring application stakeholders and IT operations into a tighter loop with developers.

Countersoft Releases Gemini 4.0

Latest version of Gemini Agile project management platform for .NET development adds testing support.

Telerik Updates TeamPulse and Test Studio Products

Telerik this week updated a pair of products: The Telerik Test Studio automated test suite and Telerik TeamPulse team project management package.

Using the Team Foundation Administration Console

Mickey Gousset walks through the improved Administration Console in Visual Studio TFS 2010.

Free Tool for TFS Work Item Visualization

Mickey Gousset introduces us to a new, free tool for visualizing work item information in Team Foundation Server 2010, providing state visualization, work item analysis and dependency analysis.

Support Agile Development with Telerik TeamPulse

TeamPulse provides economical support for teams implementing the Agile methodology, but it doesn't integrate with Visual Studio.

Take Unit Testing to the Next Level

How to associate unit tests with requirements in Visual Studio 2010.

TFS 2010 Reporting Using Microsoft Excel – Part 2

In the second part of this two-part series, Mickey Gousset shows how TFS 2010 lets users create Excel reports, including pivot tables and charts, from a work item query. The report can then be published and shared with other users.

TFS 2010 Reporting Using Microsoft Excel – Part 1

TFS 2010 uses SQL Server Reporting Services to provide reports, but because it uses data warehouse and analysis services to store reporting information, users can roll their own. We examine how to use Microsoft Excel to access the Team Foundation Server OLAP cube to create a report.

Tips for Easier C# Unit Testing

C# Corner columnist Patrick Steele says writing unit tests can be a time-consuming chore. He looks at some approaches that can make writing unit tests easier and more efficient for C# programmers.

Year in Review: Visual Studio TFS and ALM

Mickey Gousset looks back at 2010 and some of the many developments around Team Foundation Server and application lifecycle management.

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