Developers Must Adapt -- or Die

Application lifecycle management tools are giving management better tools to peer into the development process. Your job might depend on adapting to this circumstance.

The Year of the Build

Is wrestling with your software builds a fact of life? Not necessarily.

Achieve Useful Requirements Processes

Aligning IT and business is more than a marketing slogan. Learn best practices that let IT teams share requirements that align IT priorities with business needs more effectively.

Profile: Telelogic and Enterprise Lifecycle Management

Telelogic seeks to define how enterprises manage innovative processes.

Take Advantage of Continuous Integration

Compiling your applications frequently can help you save time, effort, and sleepless nights down the road. Learn how to implement this system using the open source tool, Draco.NET.

Testing in Application Lifecycle Management

Understand the five phases of the application lifecycle, and learn which tests to perform in each of them.

Write a Web-Based Unit Test

Take advantage of testing features in Visual Studio Team System for Software Testers to produce higher-quality Web applications.

Resources for Application Lifecycle Management

Delve into application lifecycle management with this list of resources compiled by the staff of FTPOnline.

Visualize Code With the VSTS Class Designer

Visual Studio Team System's Class Designer allows you to reverse-engineer and visualize existing code in order to better understand it. It ensures that your object model and documentation remain accurate and helpful throughout your app's cycle.

Delve Into Visual Studio Team System

Visual Studio Team System provides a wealth of tools in one place. Explore all aspects of this integrated suite of tools.

Determine Performance Requirements

Take advantage of the Windows Management Interface to correctly gauge your application's performance requirements.

DevPartner SecurityChecker: Secure ASP.NET Sites

Compuware's DevPartner SecurityChecker scrutinizes your ASP.NET 1.1 applications. Plus a first look at C-Sharpener For VB.

DevPartner Fault Simulator: Simulate Faults in Your Code

Compuware's DevPartner Fault Simulator helps you make sure your code is as reliable as possible. Plus first looks at InstallShield 10.5 and other new products this month.

XMLSpy 2005: Develop and Debug XSLT and XPath 2.0

XMLSpy 2005 Enterprise Edition features debugging support for XSLT, XPath, and WSDL. Plus a first look at Nantpad Professional 1.1.

ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 7.5: Generate Help Documentation

Every program needs documentation of some type. Plus, first looks at GridEX Control for .NET, more.

Achieve Optimal Performance

Response time and scalability are key to optimal performance of your enterprise's applications. Set expectations and provide analysis tools to help you achieve performance goals.

Ease Development With Code Generation

Developers often avoid code generation because they think their apps are too complicated. But executed properly, code generation can help you implement sophisticated architectures quickly.

Books: Debug VB.NET Apps

Debugging software systems is a necessary step to creating stable, low-defect software. Comprehensive VB.NET Debugging provides a roadmap that helps you avoid common traps and achieve your software goals.

Create a Quality Testing Program

Testing is a crucial component of the software development lifecycle. Combine testing tools with methodologies such as XP and TDD to boost quality assurance.

Identify and Isolate Code Problems

Your first look at IBM Rational PurifyPlus for Windows.

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