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How-to Q&A: Is There an Easy Way to Create Value Converters in Silverlight?

Value converters are extremely powerful and are valuable in minimizing the code required directly in the UI and in providing reuse of conversion logic.

How-to Q&A: Can I Store History Information Locally for a Sandboxed Silverlight App?

Learn how you can store history information for the user on the local client PC in a sandboxed Silverlight 3 application.

How-to Q&A: How Do I Work Around a Silverlight "Catastrophic Failure" Message?

How to work around some of Silverlight's subtle gotchas.

How-To Q&A: How Can I Automate Code Without Resorting to Heavy Code-Generation Techniques?

Kathleen Dollard shows how to improve development using T4 code generation and in-line DSL as a localized development tool.

How-To Q&A: How do I Display Data of Complex Bound Criteria in Horizontal Lists in Silverlight?

Kathleen Dollard shows how to display a list of complex bound criteria, including data, child data and photos for each item, in Silverlight.

Adding WCF Services to Silverlight

Explore the nuances of using WCF Services with Silverlight, and learn troubleshooting tips for working with Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.

Digging Deeper into Silverlight and MEF

Silverlight applications based on the Managed Extensibility Framework and generalized user interfaces don't require hand coding every screen.

Mastering Silverlight

Silverlight offers impressive talents and more than a few frustrations. From customizing your application UI to battling obscure bugs and error messages, this column helps with the transition to Silverlight tools.

Stable Composition in MEF

Learn how to work through debugging challenges posed by stable composition in MEF Preview 7, and get insight into using MEF with Silverlight.

Getting Current on MEF

ASK KATHLEEN: Readers explore Managed Extensibility Framework, using callback delegates and how to create the equivalent of a C# partial interface in Visual Basic.

Applying Model-View-View Model in Silverlight

Careful planning can help improve the manageability and quality of your next-generation Silverlight applications.

Fine-Tune Unit Testing in Visual Studio

With a few tweaks, you can turn Visual Studio's basic unit-testing capabilities into a powerful and extensible tool for improving code quality.

Visual Studio's T4 Code Generation

Learn how to create and debug templates using Microsoft's T4 templating language.

Working with MEF

Learn how to free your application from dependencies and interchange implementations using Managed Extensibility Framework.

Display Multiple Pages in Silverlight

Learn how to display multiple pages in Silverlight and discover the tools and controls that ship with it; track down a bug in a case statement; and take advantage of helpful tips for trying to obtain a clean Code Analysis.

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