The Spaghetti Code Incident

Henry was the TAXCALC king. But his coding skills were positively peasant-like.

A Bit Unwise

Was "Calvin code" genius or tomfoolery?

C# Practice Makes Perfect

For years, nobody cared that the legacy image-syncing application consumed as much bandwidth and processing time as it did.

Developer Fail: A Few Precious Seconds

Power user Alice strikes; can the code save our programming hero?

The 'Groundbreaking and Revolutionary' Update

For MegaCorp's end-of-quarter presentation, the VP of marketing arranged a demo for a feature that he had contracted an outside consultant to add to the new version of the company's customer-facing online application.

Tale of the Cryptic Encoding

Someone named Robbie had created a posting asking for assistance in resolving a problem with a simple Visual Basic .NET console application. It was used to retrieve and process product registrations and credit card transactions via the Internet for a piece of niche shareware.

The Logic Behind Modern Maintenance

When the big merger was announced, the IT staff of both corporations was a little bit nervous, and with good reason: The day after the announcement, many redundant positions were eliminated.

Developer Fail: Epoch Billing System

Everybody in the IT department was quite happy -- even a little surprised -- with how well the outsourced project to replace the legacy billing system was progressing.

The Regex Code Review

Bob had sent out a single VB.NET function with an accompanying class definition. Its sole purpose in life was to see if at least one of the terms, passed as an array of strings, existed in the second parameter, a document body. Jed was positive that somewhere, a Reverse Polish Notation calculator was crying.

The .NET Whistleblower

Terry had spent the better part of the past decade digging through the trenches of QuidCorp's flagship application QuidFlow -- a program used to flowchart business processes.

DBA Goes Columbo on 'Invalid Object'

Mike worked as a SQL developer for a non-profit, debt management company that handled student loans.

Fixing Bad Code from a Contractor

Brandon hired a software development contractor to create a Web portal using ASP.NET to complete a custom software solution for one of his company's Software as a Service customers.

The Mysterious Beeping Server

The rumor of the beeping server started out as a hushed whisper between network administrators.

The Storray Engine

As an independent .NET consultant, Steve was often called in to help smaller development teams transition to the platform.

Weekend Drive

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, an internal support application at Joe R.'s company suffered a slowdown in executing queries and returning data.

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