Modular Process Improvement

After nearly eight years of working as a C++ developer at Rik V.'s insurance company, a certain coworker was finally laid off.

A More Unique Identifier

With more than 340 billion trillion quadrillion (and that's no typo) possible values, the probability of having two identical GUIDs is basically non-existent.

Trans-Atlantic Time Trap

Nobody believed the French. Not the entire country, or Frenchmen in general, but rather the folks who worked at the European Branch Office in Paris. The bug they described-their computer's internal date was randomly changing-reeked of user error and seemed far too implausible to be caused by the corporate reporting system.

OldMail Method

DEVDISASTERS: After three long interviews for a .NET developer position, Maxim received a fairly generous offer and accepted it on the spot.

Cell Phone Buzz

When all you have is a hammer, should everything look like SMS?

Collections Class

A Junior Developer Learns that Seniority Doesn't Mean Smarter.

The Cost of Static

Offshore application development has its merits, but sometimes, as one dev team found, it's just not worth it.

Gatekeepers of Bad Software

Software development gone wrong: ASP plus Access not equal to secure Web portal.

Coding Catastrophes

A painful legacy and death by aptitude -- software development gone wrong.

Slow-Motion Automation

Software development gone wrong -- terribly wrong.

Sampo Uh-Oh

Finnish bank acquisition goes very awry.


Software development gone wrong.

Who's Got the Monkey Now?

Development gone wrong.

The Defect Black Market

Software development gone wrong.

Access Abomination

Software development gone wrong.

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