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Large-Scale Strategist

Bob Muglia on Microsoft's new cloud programming model.

The Query Optimizer

David DeWitt talks about building parallel processing into SQL Server.

Windows 7 Takes Flight

Our hands-on review of the Windows 7 pre-beta reveals an operating system that is remarkably stable.

Speed O/R Mapping with LINQ to SQL

LINQ to SQL continues to be a top contender in the .NET object/relational mapping tool market despite Microsoft's promotion of the Entity Framework as one of the "Pillars of SQL Server 2008: Dynamic Development."

Cloud Connector

Microsoft's Robert Wahbe on Azure and S+S applications.

Microsoft's Cloud Vision

Why Windows Azure and Windows 7 will change the way you work.

Data Driver in the Cloud

Microsoft Technical Fellow Dave Campbell on Windows Azure and SDS.

RIA Warrior

Microsoft's Brad Becker on Silverlight 2 and the enterprise market.

The Changing Role of DBAs: One-to-Many

Have Microsoft's new tools made you the part-time DBA?

Google Android Flaw Reopens Open Source Security Debate

A security flaw in Google's new Android operating system discovered recently by independent researchers further underscores the security debate between open source and proprietary software.

Talking Google with Brad Silverberg

Former Redmond exec discusses the battle over the Internet.

PDC: What You're Missing

Some key products won't get attention at the Professional Developers Conference. Here's a guide to what will remain under wraps at Microsoft's biggest developer showcase in years.

Can Chrome Lure Developers?

Google advances its JavaScript-centric Web dev strategy.

Decoding Microsoft's MVC

Computer Zen's Scott Hanselman enlightens developers.

Create a Data-Driven Messaging System

Hard-coded messages don't scale well, and .NET's inherent error messages are user-unfriendly. Learn how to create a more scalable and user-friendly data-driven messaging system.

The Upside of ALM

Why software development as a repeatable business process may work for you.

Call Oracle from ADO.NET

Learn to access enterprise data stored in Oracle database servers by calling PL/SQL stored procedures from ADO.NET client applications and discover implementation strategies for dealing with common business scenarios.

Open Source Partner

DotNetNuke's Shaun Walker offers advice for .NET open source developers.

Survey: IT Hiring and Pay Still Up, But Employers 'Cautious'

With the U.S. economy still circling and unemployment on the rise, it's a good time to be in IT -- relatively speaking.

Tooling Around in Your Database

These products can help make your occasional forays into the world of databases much easier to take.

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