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The Evolution of Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2010

C++ developers will see major improvements -- beyond support for Windows 7 APIs -- in Visual C++ 2010.

Cloud Development in Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 provides familiar tooling and resources for developers who want to put their applications up in the cloud. Here's how to do it.

The Making of Visual Studio 2010

With the ambitious nature of the Visual Studio 2010 upgrade, it's hardly surprising Microsoft faced challenges on its way to RTM. We take a look behind the development of Microsoft's game-changing IDE.

Q&A: Microsoft's Brian Harry Discusses ALM and Team Development in VS2010

Microsoft Technical Fellow and Product Unit Manager for Team Foundation Server Brian Harry talks about testing, data and team-based development in Visual Studio 2010.

Top 7 Windows Phone 7 Highlights from MIX10

From a scaled-down Office client to the much larger role of Silverlight, here are seven things about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 preview that stood out at last week's conference.

VS2010 Q&A: Directions on Microsoft's Rob Sanfilippo

Directions on Microsoft Analyst Rob Sanfilippo talks about Microsoft's epic VS2010 development effort and what we can expect going forward.

Useful Tactics for Paying Back Technical Debt

Every codebase contains some measure of technical debt -- code that is maddeningly hard to test and maintain. We outline some ideas for identifying and dealing with the high-interest debt in your code.

Unlocking Legacy Code

Mergers and acquisitions, Windows 7 and the Web are driving a legacy migration to .NET. Developers tell how they unlocked their old technology and made the sometimes-painful journey to the modern platform.

Developers Mix and Match Agile Approaches

New functionality in Visual Studio Team System 2010 supports the Agile dev trend.

Silverlight Ascendant

Why Silverlight 4 should change the way you make decisions about application development.

Using Agile Techniques to Pay Back Technical Debt

Flawed code is a lot like financial debt. It drags you down and consumes resources that would otherwise go to profit-making ventures. Here's how to avoid getting caught in the technical debt trap.

VS2010 Release Candidate Expected this Month

Will the Dev10 improvements be worth it if the result is slower performance?

Reaching the Cloud: App Dev from the Ground Up

Still rooted to traditional dev models? Learning the skills and processes to span on-premises and cloud scenarios is fundamental for Visual Studio developers in 2010.

Microsoft Sunsets .NET for Oracle: What's Next?

Microsoft has decided to drop development of OracleClient from its ADO.NET roadmap; while the provider remains available, use of it should be avoided in new applications accessing Oracle data sources.

Microsoft's Private Cloud Formation

As CIOs largely reject the early crop of cloud services for business-critical apps, Redmond readies private and hybrid cloud platforms.

Entity Sequel

Microsoft's second release of ADO.NET Entity Framework 4 could bring object-relational mapping to more developers, but exactly how many remains to be seen.

Q&A: Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Yousef Khalidi Discusses Private Cloud Migration

Yousef Khalidi talked about Microsoft's new Azure cloud services at the Interop trade show on Thursday.

Q&A: Microsoft's Bryan Sullivan Discusses SDL 4.1a

Microsoft Security Program Manager Bryan Sullivan talks about the new agile-focused SDL 4.1a.

Re-Architecting Azure

A year after the first technical previews of Azure, Microsoft is launching a less-ambitious platform with forklift revisions based on developer feedback.

Oracle Uses OpenWorld to Reassure Skeptics but Concerns Remain

Oracle used this week's OpenWorld conference in San Francisco to roll out new tools aimed at providing better integration of its disparate wares, but much of the focus at this year's annual event was on the company's pending $7.4 billion agreement to acquire Sun Microsystems.

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