Microsoft Recommendations for 2013

What Redmond needs to do in the new year to build on the momentum of the raft of 2012 product releases.

BUILD Sets the Windows 8 Table

The Build event last year was really just a sneak-peek of this year’s show; the promise of Windows 8, hinted at then, became the reality of Windows 8 now.

Microsoft's Big Product Year

We're almost at the end of 2012, and it's been an amazing year for Microsoft product releases.

Windows 8 Questions That Need Answers

Microsoft's Build show is just around the corner, and developers need to know the future of Windows 8.

How Windows 8 Changes the Game

Traditional software company Adage Technologies adapts to the sea change that is Windows 8.

Does Windows 8 Have Staying Power?

Microsoft has had a number of game-changing (for both better and worse) OSes over its long history. In which category will Windows 8 fit?

Developers as Designers? It Needs to Happen

It's time to stop thinking of "design" as a dirty word, and UI as the sole domain of the folks at the other end of the cubicle farm.

Online Explosion

We consider our online content every bit as important as the print magazine content.

Windows 8 Will Succeed, Even If It Fails

All indications now point toward an October release of Windows 8.

Visual Studio Agility

Our cover story this month on Agile development comes at a good time, coinciding with the recent release of the Visual Studio 11 beta.

Selling Windows Phone to the Sellers

The problem isn't Windows Phone: Rather, it's the people selling Windows Phone, who are mostly clueless about what it can do.

Startups 101

"Lean Startup" is all about making sure there's a market for your product before you start writing code.

Teach Your Children (How to Program) Well

Microsoft offers a number of good tools for teaching kids the fundamentals of programming.

BUILDing Enthusiasm for Windows 8

Microsoft's unveiling of Windows 8 brought back something missing from recent years: excitement.

The Key of F#: 3 Questions with F# Creator Don Syme

Why was F# invented? What are its best -- and worst -- uses?

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