Inside TFS

TFS Heads to the Clouds

Team Foundation Service takes what's good about TFS and cloud-enables it.

Batched Gated Builds in Visual Studio 2012 TFS

Batched Gated Builds in Visual Studio 2012 TFS improves on the concept of gated builds by allowing you to specify a build definition to build more than one queued build at a time.

Build Execution in Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server has a variety of ways to queue and execute your builds. Here's what you need to know.

Creating a Build Definition in TFS

A build definition describes the details of what your build is supposed to do, and when it's supposed to do it.

A Primer on Microsoft Build Automation

If you've got a strong version-control system, implementing an automated build process is the next logical step.

Storyboarding in Team Foundation Server 11

Storyboarding in Team Foundation Server 11 is a quick and easy way to build UIs with a tool everyone knows -- PowerPoint.

IntelliTrace Moves Beyond Development in Visual Studio 11

IntelliTrace can only be used in development environments in Visual Studio 2010 but that changes in the upcoming IDE. Learn how to use the new IntelliTrace in Production features in the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview.

Team Foundation Server 11 Developer Preview: Team Explorer My Work Page

Team Explorer in TFS 11 has added a "My Work" page to review active work items, track changes and work with the Code Review process.

Team Foundation Server 11: Team Explorer Overview

In this first part of a Team Foundation Server 11 overview, learn what's new with the Team Explorer UI.

Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Code Clone Analysis

Learn how Visual Studio 11 helps developers find duplicate code throughout their projects and solutions.

Work Item Customization: Working With Global Lists

How to use global lists in work item type definitions.

Modifying Work Item States and Transitions

Mickey Gousset dives into modifying the states and transitions of a work item.

Process Template Customization: Editing An Existing Work Item Type

Team Foundation Server 2010 includes process templates. Learn how to customize work item type templates for a smoother workflow.

Team Foundation Version Control - Workspaces

Mickey explains the basics of workspaces in Team Foundation Version Control and how they can help you manage code changes.

Test Cases and Test Suites with Microsoft Test Manager 2010

Mickey Gousset discusses test cases and test suites, and how they relate to test plans in Microsoft Test Manager 2010.