Letters to the Editor

Letters From Readers

Readers share opinions on LightSwitch, Team Foundation Server and more.

Letters: Readers Sound Off About HTML5

Robby Ingebretsen's July VSInsider column on HTML5 produced plenty of opinions.

Letters: Looking into Lambdas

C# Corner columnist Patrick Steele recently explored the idea of using lambda methods as a way to plug in specific functionality with more control than subclassing and readers respond.

.NET Languages at the Crossroads

Readers respond to the May cover story (".NET at the Crossroads") on the direction of C# and Visual Basic.

ViewModel Questions

Benjamin Day's exploration of leveraging the ViewModel in Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 development ("6 MVVM Tips") generated plenty of feedback.

What You Want to See

In the March Frameworks column and a related Desmond File blog post, Editor in Chief Michael Desmond asked what readers of Visual Studio Magazine would like to see more of in the months to come. Here are some responses.

Letters From Readers

In January, On VB columnist Joe Kunk wrote a column entitled "To Comment or Not to Comment." This article evoked some spirited debate about the costs and benefits of commenting code.

Silverlight Debate in the .NET Survival Guide

In our January cover story, ".NET Survival Guide," we published a series of capsule explorations of various .NET development sectors, including one capsule focused on Web and RIA development.

Silverlight Reactions

In our December cover story, "Silverlight Futures," developers expressed their views about Redmond's aggressive promotion of HTML5 and awkward disclosure of a shift in Silverlight strategy.

Letters: The Good, Bad and Ugly of C#

Readers respond to C# Corner columnist Patrick Steele's look into the best and worst of the C# programming language.

A Question About the Entity Framework

Lennie Lobel, CTO of Sleek Technologies and a consultant at twentysix New York, is an expert on Entity Framework and Microsoft .NET Framework data-access technologies.

Path to a Better IDE

Peter Vogel's June column, "Upgrading to Visual Studio 2010," got readers talking about plugs-ins and pricing.

A Matter of Documentation

Readers respond to our May 2010 review of Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, debating the quality of the company's product documentation.

Readers Respond: Of C++ and HTML 5

The language and library improvements outlined in Sumit Kumar's April 2010 article, "The Evolution of C++ in Visual Studio 2010," didn't alleviate a few readers' perceptions that C# and Visual Basic will win out at the expense of Visual C++/CLI.

Letters: Parsing the iPad

A reader responds to "iPad's Platform Impact," Andrew Brust's March, 2010, Redmond Review column on the Apple iPad.

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