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Microsoft Improves Natural Language UI for LLMs with Open Source TypeChat

Microsoft announced an open source project called TypeChat to help developers create better natural language UI for working with the large language models (LLMs) in advanced AI-powered applications.

Microsoft's Semantic Kernel AI SDK Adds Java, Integrates with Azure Cognitive Search

Microsoft has been busy updating its Semantic Kernel open source SDK for creating AI-infused applications, recently adding Java support and integration with Azure Cognitive Search.

Open Source Avalonia .NET UI Framework Finally Hits Milestone v11 GA Release

After a nearly one-year preview and "countless thousands of hours of dedication" driving a years-long development effort, Avalonia v11 has shipped.

Open Source Alternative to Visual Studio Marketplace Avoids Decommission

Open source champion Eclipse Foundation is advancing the Open VSX Registry, a vendor-neutral, community-supported alternative to the Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace.

Semantic Kernel: Microsoft Answers Your Questions, Updates Docs for AI Integration SDK

Semantic Kernel acts as an AI orchestration layer in Microsoft's stack of AI models and "copilot" assistants, providing interaction services for those constructs to work with underlying foundation models and AI infrastructure.

Microsoft Deep Learning Alternative: On-Device Training for ONNX Runtime

"As opposed to traditional deep learning (DL) model training, On-Device Training requires efficient use of compute and memory resources."

Uno Platform VS Code Extension Adds Mobile Debugging

Uno Platform, which offers a framework for building cross-platform applications with .NET, announced a new version of its Visual Studio Code extension that adds mobile targeting.

Contributing to Windows Community Toolkit Now Easier

Microsoft's ongoing revamp of the Windows Community Toolkit (WCT) is providing multiple benefits, including making it easier for developer to contribute to the project, which is a collection of helpers, extensions and custom controls for building UWP and .NET apps for Windows.

Open Source Codeium Challenges GitHub Copilot, Strips Out Non-Permissive GPL Code

"We at Codeium have removed GPL licensed code from our training data, guaranteeing peace of mind to our users."

Semantic Kernel (AI LLM Integration) Gets VS Code Tools, Python Support

It helps developers infuse advanced AI technology into their apps, including wildly popular generative AI systems like ChatGPT and GPT-4 from Microsoft partner OpenAI.

Microsoft Pushes Open Source 'Semantic Kernel' for AI LLM-Backed Apps

Since recently introducing the open source Semantic Kernel to help developers use AI large language models (LLMs) in their apps, Microsoft has been busy improving it, publishing new guidance on how to use it and touting its capabilities.

.NET Apps Show Poorly in Software Security Report

A new software security report finds .NET applications had the highest percentage of flaws when compared to two popular programming languages (even though .NET isn't a programming language).

Uno Platform 4.7 Sports New Project Template

"In this updated solution template, the 'Shared Project' is replaced by a regular cross-platform library containing all user code files."

As GitHub Quits Atom for VS Code, GitLab Revamps Web IDE (Based on VS Code)

The reach of Microsoft's super-popular, open source-based Visual Studio Code editor is still expanding, now supplying the tech for two of the most prominent code repository platforms, GitHub and GitLab.

Another GitHub Copilot Detractor Emerges, a California Lawyer Eyeing Lawsuit

"The legal­ity of Copi­lot must be tested before the dam­age to open source becomes irrepara­ble."

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