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AQtime 4.8, More

Take a look at the latest VS.NET add-ins, including a component that helps you present, select, and manage dates and times.

AQtime 4.8
AQtime is a performance profiler and memory allocation debugger for Win32 and .NET-connected applications. Version 4.8 features complete support for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and integration with Visual Studio 2005. The integration incorporates AQtime's panels and toolbars into Visual Studio's user interface, plus it adds extra items to the main menu of Visual Studio 2005. It features integration with Visual Studio 2005 Team System, allowing you to run AQtime projects as test items of your Visual Studio test projects. Version 4.8 also includes a number of fixes for crash dumps reported by users.
Phone: 702-891-9424

AspLib Component Library 3.5
AspLib Component Library 3.5 is a language-independent ASP.NET environment that offers 18 components. The library includes controls for image uploading and downloading, buttons of various styles with user's choice confirmation, a number of components for client-side input with automatic input prediction, and filtering and editing masks. Most components handle client-side scripted events to provide the dynamic adjustment of page content. A feature-rich HTML editor offers editing capabilities for text, links, images, and multimedia content. The product also includes a gallery of images, SpellChecker integration, and easy localization. It supports Internet Explorer 5.5+, Netscape 7+, Mozilla, and Mozilla Firefox, as well as Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio .NET 2005. Contact vendor for pricing.
Astron Digital

Calendar Tools 3.0
Calendar Tools 3.0 features six drop-in calendar components that help you present, select, and manage dates and times. ctCalendar is a scrolling virtual calendar component that gives you control over calendar presentation with user-definable start and end dates. You can create and track appointments with colors, pictures, taskbars, and scrolling text for each date on the calendar. ctDate is a monthly calendar component that allows you to display one or two months at a time. ctDays is a visual representation of a daily schedule planner, making it easy to accept and/or display a day's worth of appointments at a time. ctDropDate is a masked date-edit control with a built-in, drop-down calendar. You can use optional spin buttons to increment or decrement the current date automatically. Intelligent data entry fills in the date with a best guess if only part of the date is entered. ctMonth provides a view of an entire month. It allows for extensive customization and control over its graphical presentation. ctYear allows the user to view up to 12 months or one calendar at a time. $249.
DBI Technologies
Phone: 800-670-8045; 204-985-5770

DevPartner Studio 8.0
DevPartner Studio 8.0 features full integration with Visual Studio 2005. It also includes Performance Expert, which adds a new dimension to DevPartner's performance analysis capabilities by helping you locate, diagnose, and correct performance issues for applications that are not CPU-bound. Version 8.0 also includes the new DevPartner Fault Simulator SE, which provides fault simulation capabilities that extend your ability to debug error-handling code. DevPartner also includes a new tool that allows you to compare system-level settings of an application over time and pinpoint defects due to settings. DevPartner also includes a new data-export facility that allows you to save detailed performance and coverage data in XML format, which you can access and use with a variety of tools outside of DevPartner Studio. $2,300.
Phone: 800-521-9353; 313-227-7300

DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5
DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5 allows you to locate software defects in error-handling code by simulating errors and monitoring the response in both .NET Framework-based and native Windows applications. Because it simulates errors, DevPartner Fault Simulator does not interfere with your debugging tools, and it facilitates quick resolution of defects. In addition, QA engineers can simulate real-world production failure scenarios and then provide results to developers for diagnosis. DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5 now includes integration with the code-coverage analysis tool in DevPartner Studio, enabling metrics that ensure new error handlers are tested as they are added to the application. $6,000.
Phone: 800-521-9353; 313-227-7300

Ektron CMS400.NET 5.1
Ektron CMS400.NET 5.1 provides Site Membership and Subscription features that allow site visitors to self-register, manage personal profiles, and subscribe to automated Web Alerts that notify them by e-mail when relevant content or documents are added or updated to public facing or private sites. Additional version 5.1 enhancements improve content management system and site performance, enable more powerful searches, and provide AJAX-enabled navigation and search interface, among other additions. Ektron's CMS search engine provides complete indexing of Web content, Microsoft Office documents, and other assets, plus metadata tools including full support for the Dublin Core Metadata Standard and customized tagging. A new wizard-like form tool lets marketers and other users build forms and form-based applications and route form data to the right individual or group for processing. $8,640.
Phone: 866-435-8766; 603-594-0249

ExeScript 2.1
ExeScript 2.1 converts batch files, Visual Basic scripts, and Java scripts to executable files. You can view the contents of scripts and batch files with nearly any editor or file manager, making it easy to steal intellectual property, reverse-engineer software, and hack applications that use scripts and batch files. Turning batch files and scripts into executable files guarantees that these files cannot be altered or tweaked. ExeScript 2.1 features a built-in editor that highlights syntax and allows you to alter scripts and batch files before conversion. You can use ExeScript 2.1 to create installation files and deployment modules, and you can use the application to schedule and execute different PC tasks automatically. $39.95.
Hide Folder Software

PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET 3.0
PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET 3.0 enables ASP.NET developers to add an AJAX-enabled HTML editor to their Web applications. You can replace the standard TextArea of your Web application with support for HTML content editing and traditional word-processing capabilities without relying on any client-side components or controls. It enables you to build Web applications that don't require a browser refresh, helping to create richer and cleaner Web applications by eliminating the flicker and delays associated with a browser postback. You can manipulate all objects in the control to meet the project's interface requirements, including the customization of toolbars, buttons, dialogs, progress bars, tab strips, and more. The control also supports skins and configuration persistence. This upgrade also establishes compatibility with the .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. Starts at $249.
Dart Communications
Phone: 866-383-3278; 315-339-8040

Solutions::Schedule for .NET
Solutions::Schedule for .NET is a scheduling solution for building multi-resource, team-management, or project-management solutions. It includes built-in conflict checking and drag-and-drop scheduling. The latest version features both one-to-one and one-to-many TimeBar linking, cell-level formatting, integrated listviews and treeviews, variable line-item height, multi-select TimeBar, TimeBar locking, TimeBar alarms, line-item page breaks, multi-column sorting, multi-column select, dead zones, built-in print and print-preview, and more. Starts at $989.
DBI Technologies
Phone: 800-670-8045; 204-985-5770

tangible architect 3.0
tangible architect 3.0 is a model-driven code generator for Visual Studio .NET. The latest version features a drag-and-drop UI designer and generates C# business objects and database schema. You can drag a DataSource component onto a form, then add the business objects or attributes. The appropriate controls, such as grids and textboxes, are then created automatically. The controls are filled automatically, and all changes are written back to the database. The tool offers a round-trip engineering feature that supports and enforces consistency between model, code, and database throughout the lifecycle. Version 3.0 also features step-by-step video tutorials, automatic transaction mode to ease application prototyping, specialized UI controls, database schema verification, an extended query API, and extended project wizards. Starts at $250.
tangible engineering
Phone: +49-0-700-82644253

CEdit 3.3
CEdit 3.3 is a source-code editor for Windows Mobile 2003 devices. It allows you to copy a Visual Studio project from your desktop to your Pocket PC so that you can work with your C# code on the go. CEdit displays the project workspace folders on your Pocket PC, so you can open a project quickly and access the code you are looking for. It features color syntax highlighting and project navigation features for a wide range of commonly used programming languages. CEdit is compatible with both Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 and version 6.0 project file formats. It supports Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC, Palm-size PC, and handheld PCs. It supports C#, Visual Basic .NET, Java, HTML, XML, ASP, C++, C, and PHP. $19.95.
Logical Sky
Phone: 800-999-2734; 805-288-1827

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