Partition Web Apps Intelligently: C#: Validate Objects with VAB: Listing 3

Microsoft's Microsoft Enterprise Library Validation Application Block (VAB) gives you a great way to validate business objects. This code shows you how to use the VBA to redisplay the page with error messages.

public ActionResult Save(Contact contact)
    ValidationResults validationResults = Validation.
    if (validationResults.IsValid)
        return RedirectToAction(Actions.Index);
        foreach (ValidationResult validationResult 
            in validationResults)
            string mvcKey = GetMvcKey(validationResult);
                mvcKey, validationResult.Message);
        IEnumerable<State> stateList = contactManager.
        this.ViewData.Model = new 
            ContactViewData(contact, stateList);
        return View(Actions.Create);
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