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DXperience v2008 Volume 3; Isolator and Racer; and TeamCity 4.0

New products for .NET developers.

Developer Express has released DXperience v2008 volume 3, a suite of presentation components, reporting controls, IDE productivity tools and business application frameworks for Visual Studio.

Along with numerous major enhancements to its existing WinForms and WebForms products and the eXpressApp Framework, DXperience v2008 vol 3 offers a set of new ASP.NET controls including a new Gauge Control, Filter Editor Control, Data-Bound Image Control, and Loading Panel Control. The upgraded suite also includes a new ASP.NET Grid View, a new HTML Editor for SharePoint, and a new WinForms Alert Window Control. All Developer Express .NET technologies can be purchased separately or as part of the DXperience Subscription program.

For a complete list of the new controls, features, and options that are available, visit here.

DXperience v2008 vol 3
Developer Express Inc.
Price: DXperience Enterprise Subscription prices start at $1,299.99
Phone: 702-262-0609

Isolator and Racer
Typemock has announced the release of its next-generation unit-testing tools, Isolator and Racer.

Typemock products support Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, and Visual Studio Team System 2008, and work with any test framework.

The Typemock Isolator mocking framework for .NET unit testing helps agile developers with .NET unit testing and test-driven development. Isolator gives the agile developer tools to isolate, stub, or mock any class in the system.

Features include the ability to mock the .NET Framework; the ability to mock any .NET language; the ability to mock any class, any interface, any constructors, and all instances of a type; the ability to mock a class while keeping its original behavior; the ability to dynamically choose at runtime whether to keep the classes' original behavior; and more.

Typemock Racer helps find possible deadlocks in production code by allowing developers to write threaded tests to detect possible problems. Racer provides a framework API that can be used in Parallel Computing tests, which allows the code to be tested for deadlocks in multithreaded code. When Racer detects a deadlock, the events that lead to it -- including thread names and locked resources -- are displayed in Visual Studio's output window.

Isolator and Racer
Typemock Ltd.
Contact vendor for pricing
Phone: +972-3-681-5177

TeamCity 4.0
JetBrains has announced the availability of its continuous integration server and distributed build management tool, TeamCity. TeamCity automates routine procedures, aids the software development process, improves team communication, and helps dev teams implement agile methodology and best practices.

TeamCity 4.0 provides scalability and extensibility via its Java API, and integrates with multiple IDEs, version control systems, and build tools. With features such as fast feedback on build progress, pre-tested commits, and server-side code analysis with over 600 code inspections, TeamCity shortens the time needed for introducing new features and fixes.

The latest version allows developers to break down a single build procedure into several parts that can be run on different build agents, in sequence or in parallel, using the same set of sources. Other features include the ability to redo any build from a particular version-control revision; improved agents-authentication mechanics, per-agent CPU-benchmarks, and agents overview statistics for an entire project; new integrations, including FxCop and a dedicated Rake runner, as well as improvements for old ones such as MSTest; and improved Eclipse integration.

TeamCity 4.0
Price: Professional Edition (up to 20 users) is free; Enterprise Edition prices start at $1,999
Phone: 650-378-8571

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