Tech-Ed: Infragistics Releases Component CTPs

.NET tools and component maker Infragistics at Tech-Ed this week announced the release of Community Technology Previews (CTPs) of components and tools for development of Windows Phone, jQuery and XAML-based reporting applications and solutions.

Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Phone is based on the technology in Infragistics' Silverlight control suite, providing rich chart, gauge, map and other multi-touch enabled controls for the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) mobile platform. Available for public download as a CTP, Infragistics expects NetAdvantage for Windows Phone to ship in the third-quarter of this year.

Dean Guida, president and chief executive officer at Infragistics, emphasized his company's focus on software and UI design, while noting the other priorities that went into the package. "We blow Microsoft and everyone else away on performance," Guida said, adding, "The second [priority] is richness, the depth of what you can do."

Guida cited rich geospatial support in Infragistics' mapping controls, which allow developers to create multi-layered maps and interactive floor and seating plans overlaid with custom data.

Infragistics also released a CTP of NetAdvantage for jQuery, which enables cross-platform development of HTML- and JavaScript-based Web sites and applications using the open source jQuery JavaScript library. The jQuery suite will ship in the second quarter, according to Guida.

"It's pure jQuery. So it runs on iPhone, it runs on iPad, it runs on the WebOS. It's not tied to the Microsoft stack, though we put MVC wrappers around it for the developer to do MVC programming," Guida said. "There is a huge demand for this from our customers. They are really excited about it."

Finally, Infragistics released a CTP of its XAML-based NetAdvantage Reporting suite. The report designer provides a WYSIWYG interface and enables development of WPF- and Silverlight-based reports. The report writer supports disconnected states, allowing users to interact with reports while offline. Infragistics NetAdvantage Reporting is expected to ship in the third quarter.

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