Infragistics Releases New Windows 8 UI/UX Tools Package

Infragistics has released NetAdvantage Ultimate 2013 Volume 1 (13.1), an updated version of its NetAdvantage developer tools package. The toolset aims to help developers provide quality UXs in their apps, and includes controls that target Windows 8, iOS, Android, Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Also part of the new release is Indigo Studio, which Dean Guida, Infragistics CEO, describes as a "rapid, interactive prototyping tool [that] enables customers to deliver great user experience by getting it right first in the design phase."

The NetAdvantage Ultimate 13.1 release introduces NetAdvantage for Windows UI, a set of 20-plus XAML and HTML data-visualization controls. These controls target Windows 8 apps, with the goal of helping developers create quality apps that can be sold through the Windows Store. The release also enhances Windows 8 development with "optimized touch-experience controls across all UI toolsets and Windows UI/touch themes," according to a company press release.

That touch support is also seen in updated Ignite UI controls, which are aimed at the jQuery/HTML5 Web design space. In a product briefing, Infragistics Senior Vice President of Product Management Jason Beres described another facet of Ignite UI: its "trifecta of grids." The Flat grid, Hierarchical grid and new Pivot grid allow for improved data visualization and business intelligence.

On the iOS side, NetAdvantage Ultimate 13.1 provides enhanced capabilities for Infragistics' NucliOS controls. Improvements to the NucliOS controls include "enhancements to the Grid and Chart controls, a new Pie Chart and a lightweight, high-performance radial gauge," according to the press release. The product also provides support for .NET developers working on the Apple platform, with Xamarin.iOS bindings integration that allows development in C#.

In the product briefing, Beres noted that NetAdvantage Ultimate 13.1 "fits in well and plays well with all of the open source, popular frameworks on the market," as well as platforms like Windows 8 and iOS. He added that more Windows UI controls are coming, and that Infragistics is working with Microsoft on Windows 8 programs to help developers build better apps on the platform.

NetAdvantage Ultimate 13.1 is now available. It's priced at $2,395 with priority support and $1,895 with standard support. A free trial can be downloaded from the Infragistics Web site.

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Katrina Carrasco is the associate group managing editor for the 1105 Enterprise Computing Group. She can be reached at [email protected]

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