Visual Studio Online Suffers Another Outage

The repair team says it's rolling back recent updates to mitigate the problem.

Visual Studio Online is experiencing its second major outage in less than a month, with no current timetable for a fix.

The latest message, from the Visual Studio Online Service Blog, says that "We are still investigating. DevOps are rolling back changes done in the last 24 hours to mitigate the problem. We will provide an update in 60 minutes or sooner."

The previous updates, from approximately an hour earlier and 90 minutes earlier, did not add any additional information. It was unclear when the outage began. However, a post from Aug. 11 says that maintenance was going to be performed on VSO starting from that day through tomorrow, Aug. 15. In an ironic twist, Microsoft says in the blog that "There should be no disruption to the service during this maintenance."

Since Monday, Microsoft has blogged about issues with Application Insights, identity change issues and the current service outage.

The problems follow a significant outage on July 18, that lasted about 90 minutes. In that case, an Azure SQL database was the culprit.

These are just the latest issues for Visual Studio Online, the cloud-based version of Visual Studio. Microsoft Technical Fellow Brian Harry blogged back in February about the service's growing pains. They included a run of "bad" deployments that resulted in "unacceptable" downtime, he said.

As of the time of this writing, Microsoft had not yet posted any updates on when service might be restored.

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