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The Difference Between C# to F# Is a Scale of $20K

Stack Overflow's survey of site users provides some interesting insights on how Microsoft developers are doing compared to the rest of the world's developers.

Here's an interesting little nugget from a Stack Overflow survey: A chart labeled "Top Paying Tech per Occupation" shows salaries for C# developers averages $95K for full stack devs (cloud, React, and Redis devs make more), and $20K less for front end devs, and $10K less when filtered by mobile and mathematics-based occupations. C# devs aren't doing badly.

But check out the chart above that one, labeled "Top Paying Tech," and you'll see that F# jobs pay well. Those who develop with it in the U.S. claim to be making $115K on average. It makes me wonder who uses F# and where are those jobs paying that much? As usual, it's probably the specialization that differentiates the salaries between the two sharpened languages, but that's just a guess.

It's just one survey, remember, and the sampling of this survey comes directly from Stack Overflows own data of users registered to their site who responded; of its 4.7 million users, 50K of them actually filled out the survey. You can view the full results starting here.

(On a side note, we'll have our own salary survey for Visual Studio and .NET devs coming soon. Stay tuned!)

Here are ten more links I've run across that might be useful to you, in no particular order and definitely not conforming to any particular theme:

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Angular 2 with John Papa (.NET Rocks Podcast) -- Angular 1 or 2, and what's the diff

F# with .NET Core and CLI with Enrico Sada (Community for F# Youtube Channel) -- Lying down on the job; so that's what F# is all about

Getting Started Creating Editor Extensions in Unity (App Goodies) -- Create a Custom Inspector and Custom Window Editor extensions

Happy Birthday TFS (site) -- March 17 marked 10 years of TFS, Yeah, we missed it, but wish TFS a happy one; he/she won't mind

An F# rewrite of a fully refactored C# Clean Code example (Functional Software) -- Crazy things F# experts do on their break rather than rest or eat or talk with a cube mate about anything except F#

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