MSDN and TechNet Upgrade to the Cloud

The support and community development portals for Microsoft developers and IT specialists is getting a cloud upgrade, starting with a preview of services around Microsoft's enterprise mobility technologies. Bonus: It's being open sourced.

With everything at Microsoft heading to the cloud, it only makes sense that MSDN and TechNet, the support and community development portals, get a cloud upgrade.

"Both sites are built on a 10-15 year-old brittle codebase with an archaic publishing and deployment system that was never designed to run on the cloud," writes Jeff Sandquist, a general manager with Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise Group, in a blog post. He said that based on community feedback, "It was clear we needed to make a change and create a modern web experience for content."

The result so far is a preview, which can be viewed at As can be inferred by the URL, the initial preview covers documentation for Microsoft's enterprise mobility-based technologies, which so far covers advanced threat analytics, Azure Active Directory, Azure Remote App, multi-factor authentication, Azure Rights Management, Intune, and Microsoft Identity Manager.

Sandquist previews the general features built into the interface of the new portals, with enhancements that include estimated reading times, formatting for readability and responsive design in mind as users go from device to device, navigable links to other sources. And keeping with the nature of how Microsoft is developing most of its technologies these days, the portals are also being open sourced, to allow input and content creation from the community.

"In the future, as our platform matures with the help of your feedback, we will migrate more of our documentation onto this experience," notes Sandquist.

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