Uno Platform 3.10 Supports .NET 6 RC1

Uno Platform 3.10 shipped this month with immediate support for .NET 6 Release Candidate 1, Windows 11 "Sun Valley" fluent styles, a WinUI InfoBadge and more.

The open source Uno Platform is a major player in Microsoft development tooling, claiming the only offering that fosters development of single-codebase applications for Windows, WebAssembly, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux, targeting all OSes and browsers.

Uno Platform v3.10 not only shipped with out-of-the box support for .NET 6 RC1 (the first of two), it also plays nicely with Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4, released this month with a Hot Reload expansion and speed improvements. Uno Platform reported its own performance improvements on VS 2022. "Our ongoing efforts with Visual Studio 2022 look very promising," the company said in a Sept. 14 blog post. "The load times for Uno Projects significantly improved, upward of 20 percent faster. In addition, our clients report that their solutions with over a hundred of cross-targeted projects now work seamlessly, a significant improvement over Visual Studio 2019."

As a service release, Uno Platform v3.10 mostly fixes and improves stuff but doesn't add too much in the way of new features, though it does add a WinUI InfoBadge control, described as "a small piece of UI that usually displays a dot, number, or icon and in order to bring the user's attention to where it's placed, alerting them of something."

WinUI InfoBadge Control
[Click on image for larger view.] WinUI InfoBadge Control (source: Uno Platform).

The refreshed Windows 11 "Sun Valley" fluent styles that are now supported were introduced with WIN UI 2.6. They're now used by default but developers can switch back to the previous fluent styles with a configuration tweak.

Windows 11 'Sun Valley' Fluent Styles
[Click on image for larger view.] Windows 11 "Sun Valley" Fluent Styles (source: Uno Platform).

In addition to the VS 2022 load time improvements mentioned above, the company also announced performance improvements across several fronts, including Android and WebAssembly, along with all-platform enhancements.

Documentation was also said to be improved in order to increase discoverability of Uno Platform and ease adoption.

All of the above and much more is presented in greater detail in the release notes.

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