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    After Visual Studio Online Renamed 'Codespaces,' GitHub Announces 'Codespaces'

    Seemingly feeling the need to stir up some more naming confusion, Microsoft-owned GitHub this week announced Codespaces -- a new cloud-hosted development environment based on Visual Studio Code -- just a week after Visual Studio Online was renamed Visual Studio Codespaces. 05/08/2020

  • The End of Integration Testing: If You've Passed All the Tests ...

    Really, you only need to do two kinds of testing: Unit testing (to make sure that your individual components work) and end-to-end testing (to make sure your application works). Anything else is just a waste of your time. 05/07/2020

  • Data Clustering with K-Means++ Using C#

    Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research explains the k-means++ technique for data clustering, the process of grouping data items so that similar items are in the same cluster, for human examination to see if any interesting patterns have emerged or for software systems such as anomaly detection. 05/06/2020

  • Creating Flexible Queries with Parameters in GraphQL

    GraphQL gives clients who call your Web services the ability to specify what properties of your data objects they want. Here are two ways to let those clients also specify which data objects they want. 05/05/2020

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    TypeScript 3.9 Release Candidate Boosts Speed, Editor Functionality

    As TypeScript 3.9 approaches general availability in the next couple weeks or so, the new release candidate boasts several improvements, along with better code editor functionality and other tweaks. 05/05/2020

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    Registration Open for Online Microsoft Build 2020 Developer Conference

    Microsoft has opened up registration for the 2020 Build conference, which is now an online virtual event amid the COVID-19 pandemic and which is refocused on its core audience, developers. 05/01/2020

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    VS Online Revamped, Renamed Codespaces in COVID-19 Remote Development Surge

    Microsoft has renamed its Visual Studio Online cloud-hosted development environment to Visual Studio Codespaces, also adding new features and lowering prices. 05/01/2020

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    Blazor WebAssembly 3.2 Release Candidate Arrives

    The previews are over as Microsoft today shipped Blazor WebAssembly 3.2 Release Candidate, making the red-hot project just one step away from production-ready general availability on track to debut sometime in May (note: the 2020 Build developer conference starts May 19). 04/30/2020

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    'Shipping Fast and Often,' Xamarin.Forms 4.6 Released

    Microsoft has released Xamarin.Forms 4.6, the latest edition of its open-source, cross-platform, mobile-centric development platform that the dev team is "shipping fast and often" while incorporating a slew of new preview features that coders can try out and provide feedback for. 04/30/2020

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    VS Code Java Update Continues Performance Improvement

    Microsoft has shipped the April 2020 update to the Java extension for its open-source, cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor, continuing a performance improvement effort. 04/30/2020

  • How to Do Kernel Logistic Regression Using C#

    Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research uses code samples, a full C# program and screenshots to detail the ins and outs of kernal logistic regression, a machine learning technique that extends regular logistic regression -- used for binary classification -- to deal with data that is not linearly separable. 04/29/2020

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    Previews of .NET 5, Blazor WebAssembly 3.2 Arrive

    Microsoft shipped a slew of previews in advance of next month's scheduled debut of Blazor WebAssembly 3.2 and the milestone .NET 5 release planned for November. 04/23/2020

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    Tech Job Report Gauges COVID-19 Impact: Desire for .NET, C# Skills Decreases

    Tech careers firm Dice's latest job report attempts to gauge the early impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hiring. One finding of special interest to Visual Studio Magazine readers is less desire for .NET and C# skills. 04/23/2020

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    Rust Survey: VS Code is No. 1 Editor

    A new survey reveals Visual Studio Code is the No. 1 editor used by developers coding in Rust, which has become a hot programming language lately, even being considered as a safer alternative to C/C++ by Microsoft's security team. 04/22/2020

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    Developer Report: 'C# Seems to Be Losing its Edge in Desktop'

    Contradicting findings in other recent reports, a new study from developer analyst firm SlashData shows some decline in the popularity of C# over the past year. 04/21/2020

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    VS Code Python Tool Boosts Jupyter Notebooks Functionality

    The latest update of the Python extension for Visual Studio Code -- by far the most popular tool in the editor's marketplace -- boosts its Jupyter Notebooks functionality by adding support for ipywidgets, sometimes called Jupyter widgets. 04/21/2020

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    What's New for Azure Cosmos DB SDKs for .NET and Java

    Microsoft recently beefed up the .NET and Java SDKs for Azure Cosmos DB, a globally distributed, multi-model database service that helps users and developers elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across Azure regions with a click of a button. 04/20/2020

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    Debugging Problems Persist in Blazor WebAssembly 3.2 Preview 4

    Debugging functionality is a pesky problem for the Blazor WebAssembly team, with many limitations still persisting in the project scheduled for a prime-time debut next month. 04/16/2020

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