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Hosted Project Estimation with Planix

Software estimation is a famously inexact business. Web-hosted software provider Planix hopes to change that with its Planix estimation solution, which draws on established best practices and proprietary methodologies to refine build-and-test phase project planning and estimation.

The tool lets users generate outcome scenarios, ranging from worst and best cases to most likely. Managers can also craft what-if scenarios. As a hosted app, Planix doesn't impose the usual up-front deployment and licensing costs, which means busy dev shops can immediately benefit.

"Stakeholders are notoriously visionary and optimistic," says Planix CEO Sunjay Pandey. "That's great...and you want to keep that vision for the business, but Planix lets you put it all down in black and white."

You can work with a "Solo" edition of Planix for free, but it's limited to a single active project. There are five other services levels that scale up to enterprise levels, supporting numerous projects and managers. The mid-range "Project Manager" edition, which allows three active projects and five versions per project, costs $25.95 per month. For more information, check out Planix's Web site here. -- Chris Kanaracus, News Editor, Redmond Developer News

Posted on 02/28/2007

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