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Sun Snaps Up MySQL

MySQL has emerged as the database engine of choice among open source and LAMP application developers. But now that Sun Microsystems has snapped up the little database-company-that-could for $1 billion, you have to wonder -- what next?

Yes, the acquisition immediately vaults Sun into a position to approach Oracle, IBM and Microsoft as a viable database vendor. "It changes the landscape," said Gartner Vice President Donald Feinberg. "It's immediate in some areas but it's really more of a play for the longer term. I think over the next five years, it will really start to grow."

Grow where? Industry watchers see Sun moving into the data warehouse appliance market, where open source databases are widely used. There are also opportunities for Sun to bolster its Solaris OS, which currently ships with the open source PostgreSQL. With Solaris, Java and MySQL, Sun now has a very compelling platform for application and database development.

Of course, a lot of developers are probably thinking what I'm thinking right now, which is: Will Sun blow this? It blew the StorageTek acquisition. And with MySQL suddenly operating under corporate cover, you wonder if the open source community might someday pine for the salad days of MySQL.

What do you think? Is Sun's purchase of MySQL a good or bad thing for developers? E-mail me at [email protected].

Posted by Michael Desmond on 01/17/2008

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