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Getting Ready for MIX

Getting ready for the MIX 10 keynote to kick off and I have to admit, I'm getting pretty excited about it. While some Microsoft events can be a bit perfunctory, this MIX is setting up as an important event. In addition to the long-awaited unveiling of technical details around Windows Phone 7 development, the conference will offer new details on Silverlight 4 and Internet Explorer 9.

Make no mistake, the Windows Phone content alone elevates MIX 10 to the standing of a strategic conference for Microsoft. Which is kind of a amazing when you consider that the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) was held only four months ago

Are you seeing what you hoped at MIX? What would you like to learn more about? Let me know and we'll try to get after it


Posted by Michael Desmond on 03/15/2010

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