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Microsoft Updates Git Tooling for Visual Studio

It seems like a little thing, but could be something important for many developers: Microsoft has provided an update to its Git tooling for Visual Studio.

Microsoft Technical Fellow (if it's a woman, is she a Technical Lady, by the way?) Brian Harry blogged about the small update, which is mostly about three bug fixes. It doesn't sound like much, but they're likely to be important for many devs. From the blog:

"1) Add support for VS 2012 Express for Windows Desktop
2) Fix a bug that broke Resharper
3) Fix for a problem detecting global config files."

The one that many will welcome is No. 2. Resharper is an incredibly popular tool, with many devs calling it their No. 1 non-Visual Studio product for development.

This update came rather quickly on the heels of Microsoft's Git announcement. Git is a source-control repository, among other things, and represents Redmond's strongest partnership yet with the open-source world.

The update is available here. Interestingly, it's come out as quickly as the latest Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Visual Studio 2012 Update 2. That CTP, which was announced yesterday, was also released fewer than two weeks after its forerunner's release.

Developers, prepare for this continuous updating cycle: it's upon you.

Posted by Keith Ward on 02/12/2013 at 1:15 PM

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