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Tool News: XML, SharePoint and Tracing, Oh My!

Altova Gets After Your XML
You know that XML has taken over your life when tools for managing the integration of all of your XML resources start appearing: Altova's Schema Agent is a tool for seeing the relationships between schemas and XML documents (including WSDL files and XSLT stylesheets) to create imports, includes, and redefines.

AvePoint Boosts SharePoint Development
While support for SharePoint improves in Visual Studio 2010, AvePoint's products continue to supply support that developers can't get from Visual Studio. AvePoint's Deployment Manager, for instance, helps you move sites from test to production, and Migrator will help you move your existing sites to SharePoint 2010.

PostView: dynaTrace Enterprise 3.2
In mid-March dynaTrace released version 3.2 of their Enterprise product. You can check out our February review of dynaTrace Enterprise 3.1, which we liked despite the high price. New enhancements include the ability to cross thread boundaries (trace into a Worker/background thread) and more memory diagnostics (including how much memory is being held by a single object). Some typical analysis tasks are now automated, making it easier to find, for instance, your five slowest transactions. There's also now a REST interface to automate control of the tool.

If you're using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, you should find much improved integration with Visual Studio -- something I thought wasn't quite good enough in version 3.1.

It's the Data, Stupid
It's all about the data, dummy: As Silverlight 3 and 4 improve Silverlight's function set for business applications, more attention is being paid to supporting data displays in Silverlight applications. Instersoft rolled out Intersoft Presenter and Intersoft DataSource in February, aimed at retrieving data and managing its display in Silverlight.

-Peter Vogel

Posted by Peter Vogel on 03/31/2010

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