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Revisiting ReSharper

Back in the September 2009 issue of Visual Studio Magazine I reviewed the ReSharper code productivity utility. The next month I looked at its competitor, CodeRush.

Perversely, though 60 percent of my software development is in Visual Basic, I actually use ReSharper, despite the fact that it provides much more support for C# than it does for VB. (CodeRush, in contrast, treats both languages similarly.) More proof that there's no accounting for taste, I suppose.

However, since the review, I've run into a problem with ReSharper when creating Visual Studio Add-ins. When you test an Add-in, Visual Studio launches a second copy of itself where you can debug your Add-in. It turns out this drives ReSharper nuts (I've no idea how CodeRush would do) and ties Visual Studio into knots.

I had to uninstall ReSharper until I finished the project. I suppose that I could have contacted technical support for a solution or work around but it I decided that it would be simpler just to uninstall, finish the project, and reinstall ReSharper.

Have you been working with ReSharper? Any thoughts on working around the add-in issue?

-Peter Vogel

Posted by Peter Vogel on 04/02/2010

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