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Free Tool: SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard

You know that when it comes to deploying your latest SharePoint solution, it's not enough just to move over your code/list/templates/WebParts/etc. Often you need to have specific content in your production SharePoint site to support your new application. The SharePoint Content Deployment wizard helps you leverage the Content Migration API to generate a cmp file holding the content needed for your deployment.

You still, of course, have to set up the content in your test site (which you probably will have done as part of testing your application). But once you've done that, you can run the wizard to select and export the content you need to move to your production site as part of deploying your solution (and the content can be anything from a list to a site collection). On your production site, you run the wizard again to import the content.

The wizard is smart enough to pick up any dependencies that your content needs (new content types, for instance). It's not smart enough, however, to handle moving content across SharePoint versions, though, so don't think of this as a migration tool.

But, think! No more staying up late banging in the content to have it ready for when the users come in (or, worse, forgetting to put in the content and having your code blow up).

Posted by Peter Vogel on 08/28/2013

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