February 2005 - Beef Up XLST Performance

Use .NET's XSLT improvements to get performance gains and a consistent approach to transformations. Plus help for building your first .NET Windows service, jump-starting development with SQL Server 2005, using Reflection in .NET to enable better code reuse, how to let users save from ASP.NET and more.

Editor's Note

Developers Hold Key to Tablet PC's Success

The promise of its Tablet PC platform remains largely unfulfilled -- for now.

Getting Started

Build Your First .NET Windows Service

Once limited to the domain of C++ and MFC programmers, Windows Services can now be a key part of your .NET applications' infrastructure. Learn how to create a Windows Service application to provide monitoring for your .NET apps.

Guest Opinion

Your Training, Your Responsibility

You have a lot of training options as a developer, but it's on you to make sure you get the training you need, regardless of whether you're an independent contractor or work for a large company that pays for your training.

Letters from Readers

Save for the Future

A reader calls for VSM to concentrate on the here and now, and save discussions of future technologies for special issues only.

Practical ASP.NET

Let Users Save From ASP.NET

Export the content of your ASP.NET pages to standard Office document types to avoid having to create separate reports.

First Looks

Create and Distribute MSI Installers

Wise for Windows Installer 6.0 is a development solution for creating setup kits that use MSI technology.

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