April 2006 - Test Drive VB9 and Dlinq

How LINQ in Orcas automates SQL Server object-relational mapping and enhances XLinq syntax. Plus Daniel Clark shows you how to exploit collections in VB, using Compuware Fault Simulator to ease testing, enabling IntelliSense in your documents with the new XML editor in Visual Studio 2005, building AJAX-enabled applications and more.


Test Drive VB9 and DLinq

The January 2006 Language Integrated Query (LINQ) preview for the next ("Orcas") version of Visual Basic enables automating SQL Server object-relational mapping for DLinq and enhances XLinq syntax for literal XML and late binding.

Desktop Developer

Exploit Collections in VB

Take advantage of collections to both simplify and enhance your VB business applications.

Editor's Note

Patents Present New SOA Vulnerability

The BlackBerry case highlights issues that affect all of us.

Getting Started

Enable IntelliSense in Your Documents

Use the new XML editor features to enable IntelliSense in your XML documents.

Guest Opinion

Software Is Too Darn Hard

Rockford Lhotka argues that the software development process is overly complicated, with an emphasis on what is fun for the developer to do, but with too little consideration of the user's needs.

Practical ASP.NET

Customize Security in ASP.NET 2.0

ASP.NET 2.0 provides a robust set of functionality for implementing rich and flexible forms authentication in your applications.

First Looks

DevPartner Fault Simulator: Ease Testing

Contributing Editor Don Kiely reviews Compuware's DevPartner Fault Simulator version 1.5, plus tools for AJAX.

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