July 2006 - Improve Thread Safety

It's easy to implement a structured implementation for providing threading in a .NET application -- find out how. Plus using For...Loop to create tighter code more quickly, "roll your own" control designers, properly preparing for WPF, securing ASP.NET Web sites with DevPartner, new tools and more.

VSM Cover Story

Overcome Common Threading Problems

Create a class that addresses common threading problems and overcome cross-thread calling and resource protection issues.

Desktop Developer

Loop Your Way to Tighter Code

Take advantage of Loops in Visual Basic .NET to save coding effort, as well as to create more readable and maintainable code.

Developer Product Briefs

ADX Extensions for Outlook, More

Graphical imaging tools and components are the theme in July's look at recent releases for VB and .NET developers.

Editor's Note

InfoCard: It's Not Just Passport 2.0

Microsoft proposes to simplify authentication -- again.

Getting Started

Enforce Password Complexity Policies

Build a component to accommodate changing requirements without having to recompile your code.

Practical ASP.NET

Roll Your Own Control Designers

It's not enough to build a great custom control to help your end users -- you must also help other developers use your control.

First Looks

DevPartner SecurityChecker 2.0: Secure ASP.NET Web Sites

Compuware's DevPartner SecurityChecker analyzes for most known Web site attacks, is easy and intuitive to use, and is highly customizable.

.NET Insight

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