June 2006 - Program the SQL Server Broker

Roger Jennings on everything you need to know about SQL Server 2005’s new Service Broker (SSB) component. Plus using .NET to validate business objects declaratively, using a static wrapper in Visual Basic to combine static and dynamic types, avoiding the dreaded 503 error using .NET 2.0 and more.


Validate Business Objects Declaratively

Take advantage of .NET attributes to provide robust validation for your business objects, while generating user-interface validation automatically.

Developer Product Briefs

BCGControlBar Library Version 8.6, More

From libraries to encryption, from refactoring to imaging, debugging, and lifecycle management—don't let anyone tell you there's not a rich selection of third-party tools awaiting.

Getting Started

Combine Static and Dynamic Types

Late binding can bring great flexibility to Visual Basic programmers, but it has a serious downside in eliminating static-type checking and IntelliSense support. Use a static wrapper for dynamic code to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Guest Opinion

Read This -- OrElse

VB differs from other .NET-languages in that it doesn't provide short-circuited conditional statements, but you can still achieve the same effect, and be backward compatible with pre-.NET versions of VB.

Letters from Readers

I Like VB6

A reader explains that he likes VB6, and that is enough; another reader comments on the disconnect between Bill Gates' charitable work and Microsoft's (and other companies') assistance to the Chinese government in helping it stifle dissent.

Practical ASP.NET

Build More Scalable Sites

Learn how to integrate ASP.NET's built-in security tools with the features of your existing site.

First Looks

IP*Works: Simplify Internet Development

Take advantage of /n software's IP*Works to simplify a variety of Internet-related tasks, from working with SOAP, to handling tasks related to HTTP, DNS, and FTP seamlessly.

.NET Insight

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