April 2007 - Gadgets Open Up Windows

Add pizzazz to your users' desktops with Vista's Windows Gadgets. Plus advice for building rich client-side UIs, building a real-world data mining app, snazzy string routines in VB.NET, using List & Label 12 to create custom reports, does WPF matter? Plus much more.

VSM Cover Story

Get Down and Glitzy With Gadgets

Add pizzazz to your users' desktops with Windows Gadgets, lightweight desktop applications that provide useful bits of functionality while also bringing fun back to the development process.


String.Together Snazzy String Routines

String handling is one of the most basic -- and important -- capabilities that all developers must deal with. Learn how to take maximum advantage of the way VB .NET handles strings.

Ask Kathleen

Lay Down the Law on Code Rules

It can be intimidating at first, but it helps you in the long run to run your code against a static code analyzer like FxCop; also learn how to use dynamic analysis to test your forms during runtime.

C# Corner

Generics: Move Beyond Collections

Generics can solve many more problems than collections. Use generics to write code once and reuse it more easily.

Code Focused

Remember User Settings

VB's My.Settings class makes it easy for you to remember user-preferred settings; also, what a quirky result in VB's debug window reveals about how its compiler and the .NET runtime work together.

Developer Product Briefs

Product Listings: Doc-To-Help 2007, More

Learn about the latest and greatest products available from vendors that provide tools and services for Visual Studio .NET.

Editor's Note

Developer Support Arrives, But Late

The belated support for Visual Studio 2005 on Windows Vista indicates that the coupling of Microsoft's developer tools and operating systems isn't as tight as it has been?or should be.

Guest Opinion

Does WPF Matter?

WPF is an interesting technology with a great deal of future potential, but you face some serious obstacles if you want to use it today.

Letters from Readers

Generics Baseball Sample Scores a Hit

Readers chime in on Dan Fergus' article on generics, including the whereabouts of a missing file.

First Looks

WebUI Studio.NET 2007: Build Rich Client-Side UIs

A comprehensive suite of user interface and data components for ASP.NET 2.0 using Visual Studio 2005

Label 12: Build Custom Reports

A versatile reporting package for Windows and Web applications

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