June 2007 - Give Your Users a Voice

.NET 3.0 introduces several new features that simplify utilizing speech in your applications -- see how. Plus riding out the .NET progamming revolution, best practices for building software, writing robust exception-handling code, whipping WPF snippets into shape, understanding XAML and using generics in VB.NET.

VSM Cover Story

Give Your Users a Voice

.NET 3.0 introduces several new features that simplify utilizing speech in your applications.


XAML: Rethink How You Code UIs

XAML (and WPF and WF) promise to change how we program. But before you can put it to use, you need a firm understanding of what this technology is and what its strengths are.

Ask Kathleen

Whip WPF Snippets Into Shape

Learn how to work around some ugly behavior in WPF when relying on the provided code snippets; change the output of provided WPF snippets; resolve dependency issues in Windows Workflow; and more.

C# Corner

Write Robust Exception-Handling Code

Thrown exceptions break the normal flow of execution in a program to report error conditions. A few simple techniques can help you preserve execution flow and give users and administrators the information they need to understand what went wrong.

Code Focused

Reflecting on Generics

Determine whether an existing variable is a generic type and whether you have to use reflection in particular cases; create irregularly shaped forms; and enable remoting with single-instance applications.

Developer Product Briefs

QA Wizard Pro 2007, NetAdvantage for WPF 2007

Learn about the latest and greatest products available from vendors that provide tools and services for Visual Studio .NET.

Editor's Note

Shine a (Silver)Light on Me

So you think you've got a handle on Orcas and .NET 3.0/3.5? Brace yourself as Microsoft casts everything in a new (Silver)light.

Guest Opinion

Ride Out the .NET Programming Revolution

A .NET revolution is underway, but you can act now to make sure that you avoid becoming a casualty of this process and minimize its impact on your own coding.

Letters from Readers


Readers chime in on the format of the magazine and the new What's Hot department.

What's Hot

Orcas and SilverLight Betas Debut

Get the latest downloads for Orcas Beta 1, Entity Framework designer, and the SilverLight framework.

First Looks

Gauntlet: Dive Deeply Into the Build Process

Keep track of build histories with this robust ALM tool that provides continuous integration and code coverage for agile software development.

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