2010 VSM Readers Choice Awards

VSM readers select the best third-party tools and products.


2010 Readers Choice Awards

Visual Studio Magazine readers pick the best developer tools and resources.

Ask Kathleen

Visual Studio 2010 Tips: How to Use jQuery UI Controls in ASP.NET MVC 2

Dive a little deeper into how the jQuery script works and learn how to use the DatePicker control with ASP.NET MVC templates.

Code Focused

Using Memory-Mapped Files in the .NET Framework 4

Find out how to use memory-mapped files to index and search the contents of document collections.


DBA Goes Columbo on 'Invalid Object'

Mike worked as a SQL developer for a non-profit, debt management company that handled student loans.


The Future of the Readers Choice Awards

This year marks the 18th annual Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Awards.

Letters from Readers

Letters: The Good, Bad and Ugly of C#

Readers respond to C# Corner columnist Patrick Steele's look into the best and worst of the C# programming language.

Redmond Review

Protect What's Yours

Is Microsoft helping HTML5 and the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) stack harm its own products and market position? Historically, Microsoft has struck a delicate balance in melding homegrown and external technologies into a cohesive stack and a winning strategy.


A Lap Around Visual Studio for Windows Phone

Enabling developers to build what they dream and easily get their creations to phone users is central to how Windows Phone 7 provides amazing experiences. Windows Phone 7 makes this easier with a new application development platform.

Product Reviews

Build Windows Installations with InstallShield 2011 and Wise Package Studio 8.0

Flexera Software InstallShield and Symantec Wise Package Studio target different audiences, providing the services that developers and administrators need to reliably deploy complex applications across an enterprise.

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