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  • Why Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

    Windows 10 IoT Enterprise has the best set of technical and business attributes for your intelligent edge devices.

  • Maintain Optimal SQL Server Performance

    Optimal SQL Server performance is vital for today’s businesses. IT professionals charged with keeping Microsoft® SQL Server® running at peak performance need an effective strategy paired with a fully functional solution to maintain a watchful eye over their database environment.

  • Gaining Performance Insights for SQL Server

    Database engines like SQL Server or Azure SQL Database are very heavily instrumented pieces of software. SQL Server tracks a multitude of internal and operating system metrics, down to the level of tracking which each thread is waiting on and aggregating the data. Starting in recent versions of SQL Server, query execution and performance are tracked in stored in a feature called the Query Store.

  • Query Optimization for Plan Explorer

    Execution plans provide a rich source of information that can help us identify ways to improve the performance of important queries. Sometimes, performance will still not be good enough, even after multiple performance tuning techniques are applied. This eBook will help you get the absolute most out of the additional insight a SQL monitoring tool should offer.

  • DevOps for the Database

    This book is about DevOps for the database, and why it’s different, hard, valuable and doable. You can adopt or improve DevOps practices for your databases. We all can. If you’re responsible for all or part of building and running a data-intensive application, and you want to modernize and automate as much as you can for speed, stability and efficiency, then this book is for you.

  • Understanding Fundamentals of Database Performance

    Explore ways to monitor, analyze, and improve database performance by optimizing queries and understanding the foundations for database workloads. No matter your level of expertise, this is an indispensable resource for anyone responsible for SQL query optimization.

  • Identifying Database Performance Problems

    Is your application slow, or is it just you? Slow applications frustrate users and impose very real costs. Most applications rely on databases, and this makes database performance analysis an increasingly important topic of exploration. This tech brief provides an overview of database performance analysis software and why it's important to your business.

  • Managing the Multiple Database Journey

    Learn how you can implement a technology built specifically for SQL query performance, monitoring, analysis, and tuning, which supports not only the leading open-source databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, but also Oracle, Azure® SQL Database, and Microsoft.

  • Achieving Peak SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Performance

    This whitepaper will review some of the most common SSAS performance killers as well as useful metrics to monitor in SSAS Tabular model, which is now the default installation option in SQL Server.

  • Windows IoT for Healthcare

    Join Jeff Trager, Microsoft IoT/Embedded Software Licensing Specialist and Bob King, Solutions Architect for Microsoft IoT & Server to learn how windows for IoT harnesses the power of windows and the cloud to help organizations do more at the edge with smarter devices with long term serviceability. Learn more!

  • Improve Operational Efficiency and ROI with Data Quality Software

    Inaccurate customer data is costly, leading to undeliverable mail, address correction fees, and lost customers. This guide will empower you with tips and tools to address your data quality challenges and put your plan into action.

  • Should I build or buy a training data platform?

    Until recently, most ML teams have had to build their own labeling tools or adopt a hodgepodge of open-source tools or service-based labeling workflows. Now however, a new category of tooling has emerged: the training data platform (TDP). TDPs offer best-in-class technology — and are purpose built for AI teams — to combine data, people, and processes into one seamless training data creation experience, enabling ML teams to produce performant models faster and more efficiently.

  • The Guide to Labeling Automation

    Download The Labelbox Guide to Labeling Automation to learn more about why training large models on large datasets without automation is so challenging, why Model Assisted Labeling is the labeling automation strategy proven to reduce time and effort, and real-world use cases.

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

    An IoT OS is designed to perform within the constraints that are particular to Internet of Things devices, including restrictions on memory, size, power and processing capacity.